Round 2: French Vanilla Macarons

I know I just posted my French Macaron adventure last night (I actually made them around 2 weeks ago…), but today I decided to attempt the ever-so difficult French macaron again, and as you can tell from the photo, my result is MUCH better than the first time around šŸ˜€

I won’t be sharing the Macaron recipe, because I used the exact same one, I just used a different filling this time; Vanilla buttercream, so I will link that recipe below. I also added a bit of vanilla to the macaron mix to get an overall Vanilla flavour, and wow, is it ever sweet!

I just wanted to share how my second attempt turned out to let everyone know that it’s okay if your first attempt doesn’t turn out the way you want it; practise makes perfect šŸ™‚

Until next time!

Recipe Source:Ā


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