Mexican Street-Style Corn

First of all I’d like to say that this corn, while in the photo may not look super appetizing was the BOMB.COM!!! This was SO good, and I can’t wait to tell you all about this dish!!!

So I first actually ate something like this around 4 years ago when my sister and I went to New York City for the first (and only 😦 ) time. We were in SoHo and our cousins took us to this Cuban restaurant called Cafe Habana. Now from what I’ve heard is that Cuban food in Cuba at a resort isn’t good, so I wasn’t expecting the best outcome at this restaurant, but our cousins kept saying that this was hands down their favourite restaurant in NYC.

Enter the corn. What I have tried to replicate from this recipe is the corn that I had in NYC. It was literally the best food I had ever had in my life at that point, and I wanted more! So a week ago when I was looking for something different to make, the corn came to mind and I decided to google a recipe for it, which I was SO excited to find!!!

This corn has a bit of spicy kick, with some zesty lime, and cheesy goodness. It literally doesn’t get better than this.

Apologies for the messiness in the photo, but my friend and I made these and didn’t realize how messy they actually are to make!

You will need:

  • Corn (obviously)
  • Mayo
  • Melted butter
  • Cheese – in the recipe it calls for this Mexican cheese, but we don’t have any here, so I used Feta cheese, while my friend used Parmesan
  • Salt
  • Lime
  • Cajun powder

This is quite easy to put together, so I will just outline the order of what to put on your corn first.

  1. Mayo
  2. Melted butter
  3. Roll it in cheese
    1. We did this one side at a time; so we fully coated everything on one side, ate it, and then did the other side, or else we would have everything all over ourselves!
  4. Sprinkle some salt
  5. Sprinkle some cajun (more is better)
  6. Squeeze some lime

Voila! You have the best corn you will ever eat in your life right in front of your eyes. I hope you enjoyed this one (I know I sure did), and until next time!

Recipe Source:


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